Repairing a Mindman valve .

Repairing a valve

Mark the side of the valve, here I have used 'Tipp-Ex' to ensure that the cap goes on the right way round when you reassemble it.
Loosen the two screws that hold the base on.
Remove the base, being careful not to lose or damage the 'O' rings.
In this model there are two, one large and one small. Check to make sure they are okay, and slide the end cap to one side.
Carefully remove the spool, they are easily damaged. Use something inserted into one of the ports to lever it out. Do not use excessive force.

Once the spool is out. clean it, and make sure that the 'O' rings are in good order. Apply a small amount of light lubricant and reinsert into the body.

Reassemble the valve, making sure that the dots in figure 1 are aligned once again.

Now you have your valve back together, you can refit it to the manifold. Test it thoroughly, to make sure it is 'switching' correctly.