Welcome to Cantioli.

Who are we?

'We' are a small team of professionals, who in 2014 will reach their milestone 20 years in the Computer/Internet environment and 30 years in the electronics/microprocessor field. In 1998 we started CoDot

What do we do?

Well, that's a good question and really, there's no simple answer.

Software: Much of what we have done has been 'under-the-hood'. Having started out in BASIC in about 1980 with the Sinclair ZX80, back then, there didn't seem much need to go beyond that. It really didn't take long to realise its limitations.

Embedded software is now done almost entirely in ANSI-C.

Hardware: PC building. The PC serving up these pages was built here, as was the PC that handles the other sites hosted here. Professional or mission critical sites are hosted on one of the Europe's largest hosting providers, where down time, or lack of connectivity is NOT an option.
Embedded stuff. These days, almost entirely AVR. The early days it was all analogue, then TTL/CMOS and then at college, the Z80. In the 'real' world, it was very soon 16 bits, and the 8086. Let's not forget, that this was under CP/M and CCP/M. Speed and code size, meant that everything had to be done in assembler. Back to C21, it was Microchip PIC. Easy to get into, stacks of resources, and quite rewarding. In a limited way, it's quite cheap too. In order to really get going,

The Web:Use of Flash/Java/flashy things/moving thing, is kept to an absolute minimum. The same applies to all of our sites. We don't use commercially available templates or CMS.

When it comes to the WEB, it's HTML and CSS, PHP and MySQL, ajax and json (JavaScript only when required)


In the mean time, you can contact me here, or via Twitter @cantioli