Projects will appear in the projects sub menu as they are created.

The menu is dynamic, the menu is stored in a flat file and recreated on each page load. It makes administration of the site easy. All pages are linked in real time from all other pages just by editing the one flat file. It has its own syntax that caters for pages, menus and sub-menus. The CSS file takes care of all the formatting, allowing it to be changed 'site wide' easily.

Graphs: Take a quick look at 'on-the-fly' data graphing. Data collected at regular intervals can easily be turned into a form that's easy to view. Spot trends, or peaks, in data quickly.

Graphics: A little about 'moving stuff' on your website. Generally a really bad idea, but it does have its uses. Here's one.

Space Weather: Add Twitter to your website, Follow button, a Twitter feed, and a little about automatic alerting.

json: Getting data from the server after pageload.

json and select: Changing the criteria, for the data you request after pageload.

Playing with dates: Sorting out the mess that is date formatting.

Visitors: How we count the visitors to a site.

Refreshing an image: Automatically updating an image after a page has loaded.

Overlaying an image with text: Add text to an auto updating image.

Weather: Working with the output from my weather station.